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Graduated research projects

Class of 2016

Karlson James Hargroves

Thesis title: Carbon Structural Adjustment: Elements of a New Economy

Abstract: As the world comes to grips with the need to respond to human induced climate change, a number of questions are being asked about how to effectively transition the world’s economies to low greenhouse gas emissions over the coming decades.

A growing number of pressures are now being felt across a range of sectors to reduce emissions, in particular fossil fuel consumption, which is leading to autonomous structural changes – typically ad-hoc and business or community led.

However in order to meet ambitious targets for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions such structural changes need to be effectively underpinned and appropriately expedited by government in wide consultation and collaboration across society.

This thesis asks the question how structural changes across economies can be accelerated to achieve a transition to low greenhouse gas emissions.

The thesis develops a new concept called ‘Carbon Structural Adjustment’ as a response to climate change and economic development. The concept focuses on economy-wide structural changes intended to induce the greater uptake of low greenhouse gas emissions technologies, processes, and practices. Prior to this thesis the area of ‘structural adjustment’ had not been applied as a strategic approach to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This is due in part to its track record for negative social and environmental outcomes.

This new concept is presented in three steps: 1) The design of carbon structural adjustment interventions, 2) The motivation of a greater willingness to support and undertake such interventions, and 3) The demonstration that such motivation can lead to the delivery of structural changes that cost-effectively reduce greenhouse gas emission.

Supervisor: Professor Peter Newman

Mahmood Hasan Khan

Thesis title: Traditional Sustainability Accounting Principles and Practices in Rural Bangladesh

Supervisors: Professor Dora Marinova and Professor Vladislav Todorov

Jenny Lauren Shaw

Thesis title: Fishing Communities and Climate Change – Impacts and the Co-Production of Knowledge Associate

Supervisors: Professor Laura Stocker

Asif Iqbal Siddiqui

Thesis title: Venture Capital Industry in Australia – Characteristics and Sustainability Positioning

Supervisors: Dr. Amzad Hossain, Professor Dora Marinova and Professor Vladislav Todorov

Giles Redding Thomson

Thesis title: Transitioning to Regenerative Urbanism

Supervisors: Professor Peter Newman, Dr. Annie Matan and Dr. Vanessa Rauland

Class of 2015

S Zaung Nau

Thesis title: Determining of Public Transport Use in Perth, Western Australia

Supervisors: Professor Dora Marinova and Professor Jeffrey Kenworthy

Jana Christina Soderlund

Thesis title: Biophilic Design – A Social Movement Journey

Supervisors: Professor Peter Newman and Dr Annie Matan

Xiaoqian Wen

Thesis title: The Linkage Between the World Oil Price and Chinese Energy-Related Stock Price – Implications for Risk Management

Supervisors: Dr. Xiumei Guo and Professor Dora Marinova

Li Xu

Thesis title: Sustainability Science for Water – Bibliometric Analysis and Social-Ecological Resilience Thinking

Supervisors: Dr. Xiumei Guo and Professor Peter Newman

Class of 2014

Colin Douglas Beattie

Thesis title: Decarbonising Cities – How Can We Design City Precincts to Maximise their Potential in Reducing Carbon Emissions

Supervisors: Professor Peter Newman and Professor Dora Marinova

Linda Anne Blagg

Thesis title: Hitching A Ride Towards Sustainability – How Sustainability is Working its Way into Mainstream Local Governance: A Study in Film/Digital Media

Supervisors: Professor Peter Newman and Associate Professor Martin Mhando

Jessica Merryn Bunning

Thesis title: Governance for Decarbonising and Regenerating Urban Precincts

Supervisors: Professor Peter Newman and Professor Dora Marinova

David John Galloway

Thesis title: Design and Sustainability – The Case and Practice for a Sustainability Designer

Supervisors: Professor Peter Newman and Professor Janette Hartz-Karp

Samantha Jane Hall

Thesis title: Green Building Performance Evaluation For Existing Commercial Buildings

Supervisors: Professor Peter Newman and Dr. Robert Salter

Karlson James (Charlie) Hargroves

Thesis title: Carbon Structural Adjustment – Designing, Motivating and Delivering an Economy-Wide Transition to Low Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Supervisors: Professor Peter Newman and Dr. Cheryl Desha

Cole Evan Hendrigan

Thesis title: Towards the Transit-Orientated Region – Polycentric Urbanism to Transform Automobile Dependent Cities

Supervisors: Professor Peter Newman and Professor Jeffrey Kenworthy

Sandra Anne Krempl

Thesis title: Spirituality and Environmental Sustainability – Developing Community Engagement Concepts in Perth, Western Australia

Supervisors: Dr. Thor Kerr, Professor Dora Marinova and Dr. Shamim Samani

James Robert McIntosh

Thesis title: Framework to Capture the Value Created by Urban Transit in Car Dependent Cities

Supervisors: Professor Peter Newman and Dr. Roman Trubka

Tanha Mahjabeen

Thesis title: Social Movement Against Corruption – Evaluating the Contribution of Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB)

Supervisors: Professor Dora Marinova and Dr. Amzad Hossain

Class of 2013

Steven Brian Andrews

Thesis title: Underwater Photoelicitation – A New Experimental Marine Education Technique

Supervisors: Associate Professor Laura Stocker

Vanessa Rauland

Thesis title: Decarbonising Cities – Certifying Carbon Reduction in Urban Development

Supervisors: Professor Peter Newman and Professor Dora Marinova

Class of 2012

Ahmad Al Adwan

Thesis title: A Cyber Consumer Protection Framework for Prevention of On-Line Deceptive Advertising

Supervisors: Professor David Wood, Professor Elizabeth Chang and Professor Dora Marinova

Silvia Lozeva

Thesis title: Migrants and Nature – Migrants Views on Environmental Activism in Western Australia

Supervisors: Dr. Nonja Peters and Professor Dora Marinova

Richard John Oades

Thesis title: Socially Sustainable Community Building Practices

Supervisors: Dr. Susan Young and Professor Dora Marinova

Mathew Roy Charles Parnell

Thesis title: The Evidence of Sustainability Culture and the Sustainability Practitioner

Supervisors: Professor Peter Newman

Prafula Pearce

Thesis title: Using Tax and Regulatory Measures to Reform Choice and Usage of Motor Vehicles for Personal Transportation in Australia for the Sustainability of Oil

Supervisors: Professor Dale Pinto and Professor Peter Newman

Talia Diane Raphaely

Thesis title: The Power of Us – Counteracting Decreasing Sustainability

Supervisors: Professor Dora Marinova

Class of 2011

Joseph Knot

Thesis title: Streets of Clay – Design and Assessment of Sustainable Urban and Suburban Streets “Professor Jeffrey Kenworthy

Supervisors: Professor Peter Newman

Annie Matan

Thesis title: Rediscovering Urban Design through Walkability – An Assessment of the Contribution of Jan Gehl

Supervisors: Professor Peter Newman

John Frank Smoker

Thesis title: The Terra Nullius of Infrastructure – Roads to Remote Indigenous Towns

Supervisors: Professor Peter Newman

Roman Lubor Trubka

Thesis title: Agglomeration Economics in Australian Cities – Productivity Benefits of Increasing Density and Accessibility by way of Urban and Transport Infrastructure Planning

Supervisors: Professor Peter Newman

Delys Eleanor Weston

Thesis title: The Political Economy of Global Warming

Supervisors: Professor Dora Marinova and Dr. Scott Fitzgerald”

Class of 2010

Shamim Samani

Thesis title: Muslim Women Responding to Globalisation – Australian and Kenyan Narratives

Supervisors: Professor Dora Marinova

Class of 2009

Mathew John Bradley

Thesis title: Ultra-efficient Bus Rapid Transit Timetabling

Supervisors: Professor Jeffrey Kenworthy, Professor Tom Lyons and Dr Jan Scheurer

Class of 2007

Deborah Kennedy

Thesis title: Ocean Views – An Investigation into human-Ocean Relations

Supervisors: Associate Professor Laura Stocker and Dr Patsy Hallen

Aung Myint

Thesis title: Theravada Treatment and Psychotherapy – An Ecological Integration of Buddhist Tripartite Practice and Western Rational Analysis

Supervisors: Professor Peter Newman, Professor Dora Marinova, Dr Julia Hobson and Dr Micael booth

Jennifer Margaret Pope

Thesis title: Facing the Gorgon – Sustainability Assessment and Policy Learning in Western Australia

Supervisors: Professor Peter Newman, Professor Dora Marinova, Dr Michael Booth, Dr Angus Morrison-Saunders and Dr Ian Barnes

Rebecca Schiff

Thesis title: Food Policy Councils – An Examination of Organisational Structure, Process and Contribution to Alternative Food Movements

Supervisors: Dr Jeffrey Kenworthy

Class of 2006

Sirajul Haq Talukder

Thesis title: Managing Megacities – A Case Study of Metropolitan Regional Governance for Dhaka

Supervisors: Professor Peter Newman

Class of 2005

Md. Rabiul Amin

Thesis title: Technology Transfer for Sustainable Development Through Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) – The Bangladesh Perspectives

Supervisors: Dr Dora Marinova, Professor Peter Newman, Dr John Phillimore and Dr Peter McMahon

Class of 2004

Md. Salequzzaman

Thesis title: Can Tidal power Promote Sustainable Integrated Costal Development in Bangladesh?

Supervisors: Professor Peter Newman and Dr Laura Stocker

Ernesto Sirolli

Thesis title: Local Enterprise Facilitation

Supervisors: Professor Peter Newman

Class of 2003

Mathew Bradley

Thesis title: Flexways – The Advantages of a Tactical Imbalance in Transport Planning

Supervisors: Dr Lance Chambers and Associate Professor Jeffrey Kenworthy

Eugen Mattes

Thesis title: Determinants of Innovation for Australian-invented Medical Patents and the Case of the VenousAid Stocking

Supervisors: Professor Michael Stacey and Associate Professor Dora Marinova

Craig Townsend

Thesis title: In Whose Interest? A Critical Approach to Southeast Asia’s Urban Transport Dynamics

Supervisors: Associate Professor Jeffrey Kenworthy and Professor Peter Newman

Susan Fay Rockloff

Thesis title: Organising for Sustainable Natural Resource Management – Representation, Leadership and Partnerships at Four Spatial Scales

Supervisors: Dr Laura Stocker and Associate Professor John Bailey

Class of 2002

Roger Charles Severn

Thesis title: A Gentler, More Intimate, More Accessible Brand of Heroism

Supervisors: Dr Laura Stocker, Dr Sue Moore and Dr Ian Barnes

Class of 2000

Charles P. Cole

Thesis title: Urban Rail Perspectives in Perth Western Australia

Supervisors: Professor Jeffrey Kenworthy

Class of 1999

Paul Alexander Barter

Thesis title: An International Comparative Perspective on Urban Transport and Urban Form in Pacific Asia – The Challenge of Rapid Motorisation in Dense Cities

Supervisors: Dr Jeffrey Kenworthy


Thesis title: Small Scale Community Based Sanitation Technology – An Indonesian Case Study

Supervisors: Professor Peter Newman and Professor Goen Ho

Class of 1998

Elizabeth Melinda (Lisa) Pollard

Thesis title: An examination of the policy implications of incorporating hermeneutic social impact assessments in Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal domains

Supervisors: Dr Laura Stocker

Hossein Zargarbashi

Thesis title: Impacts of Foreign Transferred Technology on Output In Developing Countries – The Case of Iran

Supervisors: Professor Clive Morley and Dr Dora Marinova

Class of 1997

Chamlong Poboon

Thesis title: Anatomy of a Traffic Disaster -Towards a Sustainable Solution to Bangkok’s Transport Problems

Supervisors: Dr Jeffrey Kenworthy

Class of 1996

W.E. Hutchinson

Thesis title: A Qualitative Systems methodological Approach to Environmental Problems – The Case of Integrated Catchment Management in Western Australia

Supervisors: Dr. Dora Marinova and Associate Professor Peter Newman

Class of 1981

Kuruvilla Mathew

Thesis title: Groundwater Recharge with Secondary Sewage Effluent – A Study of Nitrogen Compounds by Soil Percolation

Supervisors: Dr Goen Ho and Dr Peter Newman

Class of 1979

Jeffrey Raymond Kenworthy

Thesis title: Transport Energy and Emissions in Australian Cities – Technological and Land Use Options

Supervisors: Dr Peter Newman