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Research Student Projects

Explore the current projects by our research students, categorised by PhD supervisor.

Prospective PhD students are welcome. Check Curtin’s current PhD scholarship opportunities, or propose a project to a CUSP researcher.


Peter Newman, Greg Morrison: Managing the Sun: A South-West Australian Perspective on Integrating High Levels of Solar PV and Other Distributed Energy Resources into Modern Power Grids

Peter Newman, Charlie Hargroves: Increasing DER Hosting Capacity while Reducing Costs and Enhancing Energy System Resilience

Peter Newman: Mainstreaming the Net Zeron Carbon City Agenda: Integration of Urban Metabolism Approach into Green Infrastructure Planning

Peter Newman, Francesco Mancini: Developing 3D-Printed Earthen Architecture Informed by Ancient Cultural Tradition

Peter Newman, Francesco Mancini: On Track for Transformation: Maximising the Long-Term and City-Wide Impact of Investment in Mass Rapid Transport: an integrated impact model

Peter Newman   Maria Zingoni, Michael Mouritz: Delivering Biophilic Urbanism: Tools and Strategies for Implementation

Peter Newman, Jemma Green, Greg Morrison: Prosumer-Led Network Effects of Distributed Energy Resources

Dora Marinova, Atiq Zaman: Civil Society Networks’ Roles in Enhancing Ecological Sustainability Outcomes for Contaminated Site Remediation Guidance in Chemical Related Multilateral Environmental Agreements

Atiq Zaman, Shahed Khan: Housing Location Decisions and Home Ownership Determinants for Immigrants in a Multicultural Societal Context

Atiq Zaman, Dora Marinova: Circular Solar Photovoltaic System Business Models in Australia

Atiq Zaman, Faiz Shaikh: Unlocking Opportunities in Creating End Markets for Recycled Plastics in Australia

Atiq Zaman, Shahed Khan: Enhance the Local Government Capacity to Climate Change Adaptability in the Asia-Pacific

Mohammad Swapan, Yongze Song, Atiq Zaman: Developing A Practice-led Policy Framework for Community Based Green Adaptation Strategy in Megacities: Study on Dhaka, Bangladesh

Charlie Hargroves: Exploration of the Mechanisms for the Consolidation of Renewable Energy Micro-grids via the Integration of Electric Vehicles and Domestic Battery Energy Storage Systems

Mohammad Swapan, Jessica Breadsell, Greg Morrison: How Innovative Renewable Energy Technology can Impact Home Energy Demand and Occupant Practices to Tackle Climate Change