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Curtin University Sustainability

Sustainable development is creating a place that prospers – where people thrive and the environment is protected.

Transitioning towards a sustainable future requires multi-disciplinary approaches and creative thinking spanning policy, engagement, communications, the arts, and of course, planning, design and technology. As an educational institution, Curtin must show its commitment to sustainability in its learning, teaching and research.

The Sustainable Futures Platform supports research, learning and engagement activities within the faculty and across the university, building on Curtin’s international reputation for leadership in this space.


Curtin University Sustainability Policy (CUSP) Institute was established in January 2008, headed by Professor Peter Newman. The idea of “sustainability” in a wide range of human endeavour is a relatively new concept, but is rapidly becoming a key issue in public policy theory and practice.

Sustainability Policy is also developing as a recognised profession and a multidisciplinary research field in its own right. CUSP is a key player in the Australian Sustainable Development Institute (ASDI) encompassing a broad range of Curtin research centres and teams involved in sustainability scholarship.

CUSP welcomes PhD and Masters by research students, and is offering a coursework Master in Sustainability and Climate Policy.

CUSP is supported by the Faculty of Humanities Sustainable Futures Platform